We visited Monarch Spur the first summer Jerry opened.


We visited Monarch Spur the first summer Jerry opened.

I think we were in the 1st 20. He hadn’t even finished his living quarters or the office yet but he gave us a tour and told of all his plans. Jerry was a friend and we returned every year and arrived the day after his death. It wasn’t the same without him. Our friends Emmitt and Mary Lou Taylor were with us from day one and we always came together. Mary Lou just e-mailed us (on their way there) about the web site which I read with pleasure. Thanks for sharing that. I came by during off season and it looked as if the place was abandon. Now my heart is happy reading and relating all that Jerry told us about the home place. It was Jerry who personally guided us down the road to the road on the left that leads up to the old mining towns and the beautiful water fall before you start up.
We were there the afternoon a semi lost its brakes and went off the curve pushing a minivan off with it. No one was seriously hurt but he lost the whole load of fresh corn. Every person camping that night had fresh corn on the cob. That was the truck that hit the big pine tree and killed it. Next year I called Jerry to make reservations and was joking about the corn when he told me about the semi that rode his brakes till they caught fire in front of the camp ground. The volunteer fire department rushed to the scene and sprayed a lot of water on the trailer – – – – – – which was carrying a full load of SOAP! Fire and bubbles was the story. I know as his family you have many memories but Jerry was a friend and left us with many memories. Ann and I will have to come back ASAP.

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