Jerry taught us to ride ATVs and we rented one


Jerry taught us to ride ATVs and we rented one

I am the Mary Lou Taylor that Rod Raburn mentioned in his memories. Emmitt and I traveled with the Raburns and happened on Jerry’s place the first summer he was open. We have all of the memories that Rod mentioned plus one visit that they did not go on with us. We went one time without them in September, of ’01 and decided to sit there and watch the aspens change. Finally all other campers left and we were the only ones left. Jerry taught us to ride ATVs and we rented one to go up Taylor Mountain. He told us that if we were not back by 6PM he would come looking for us. That was the way he was. Well, we got back and the “Shot Gun Wedding” had just taken place. He insisted that we come in and take part in the reception and all of the food. During the reception he decided to take a picture with him standing behind the wedding couple with a shotgun. It was a fun day!

On that same trip, we kept hearing Elk “bugling” during the night and other Elk answering in the distance. I told Jerry about it the next morning and he asked if I knew what the Elk was saying. I said I did not. Jerry told me that he was saying “Here I am girls. Come and get me!”

We just got back from Monarch Spur—-the first time since Jerry’s death, and we enjoyed a week there relaxing, catching up on our reading, and going to see some of the things that Jerry told us about before. But I think the best one is the waterfall on the other side of the highway that no one seems to know about. And we wouldn’t know either if it had not been for Jerry “leading” us there in his truck the first time we were at Monarch Spur.

His sister, Elsie, has made a memorial in the back of the office/store for everyone to remember Jerry. And that is nice. This trip brought back many memories of Jerry, but these are a few.

Mary Lou and Emmitt Taylor

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