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Monarch Spur RV Park is located in Chaffee County, the home of 13 of the 54 14,000+ foot mountains in the state; Chaffee County has more Fourteeners than any other single county. Much of the beauty of the area was created by glaciers and volcanoes. The region is honeycombed with old mines, ghost towns, and the very best of Colorado history, fishing, hunting, and beauty.


The park is located in the first of a double loop on the Monarch Spur of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. The track was begun in 1881 and finished in 1883. Originally, it served gold and silver mines near Maysville (North Fork), Garfield (Lily Mine) the Monarch-Madonna Mine, and many other mines. The Silver Act of 1893 caused the price of silver to plummet when the government stopped buying silver. Most of the gold and silver mines were closed by 1900. Limestone, which is used to reduce iron ore to steel, became the only ore mined in later years. The narrow gauge track was converted to standard gauge in 1956. The Monarch Spur was abandoned in 1976 when the steel industry failed throughout the United States. The track was finally removed in April, 1985.

Other interesting events in the area include hangings, gun fights, and the Indian War (Salida). The old stone house located along the highway north of the park was built around 1900, and served as a stage coach stop, and is where a fresh team of 8 horses was hitched to the stage for the final hard pull over Monarch Pass. The current pass is one of three built over the years.

Salida was originally created around 1880, by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. It became a major narrow- and standard-gauge terminal, which included a busy car shop, engine shop, round house (which burned once along with 17 engines), and hospital. Many spurs left Salida, one being the Monarch Spur, but also the Marshall Pass route going to Gunnison, the Poncha Pass route going to Santa Fe, one spur going to Turret, another to St. Elmo, and another north to Denver.

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DDS Settings:
Zip Code: 81242
Elevation: 45°
Azimuth: 160
(Only Satellite TV available)

Dish Antenna:
Zip Code: 81242
Elevation: 43°
Azimuth: 189
(Only Satelite TV Available)

Radio Stations:
KVRH – 1340 AM, 92.3 FM
KBVC – 104.1 FM
KSBV – 93.7 FM
KRCC – 95.7 FM (NPR)
KOA – 850 AM (Denver)